Saturday, 1 December 2012

Determined Doggy

Ugh... The weatherpeeps were right... It has been REALLY hot here... The peeps say WAY hotter than it usually is this time of the year... And REALLY humid. We aren't coping with the humidity, it's usually very dry hear. We don't understand how peeps (and their pups) can live in humid places... But, we haven't melted yet (as much as we feel like we might!)

I've been keeping cool by doing lots of this...

And this...

I;ve also been paddling in my blue pool. I heart my pool.

In fact, my peeps reckon I might be a little obsessed with it. I don't know what might have given them that idea...

Okay... Maybe I do. It might have been what I did yesterday when he went outside to refresh the water before they abandoned us went to work.

For some reason he didn't want Floyd or I to help him with the pool... I can't think why, I'm very helpful. Anyway, when he went outside, he locked Floyd and I in. I sat at the door, whining politely asking her to let us out. But she just continued getting reading for work to abandon us.

This was when I decided to make my escape go an help him anyway.

I jumped up on the lounge and across onto the drawers...

My escape route
Once I was on the drawers, I was high enough to forced the screen out the window carefully opened the window and jump outside onto the BBQ.

Then I hopped down and went to help.

I don't really think this shows I'm obsessed with the pool, I think it shows just how DETERMINED I was to be HELPFUL.

Anyway, after they had a bit of a laugh (and fixed the window) they went off to work abandoned us like they always do, and I went to paddle in the pool. This is what the water looked like when they got home.

It is a bit cooler today, and will keep cooling down for the next few days, thank dogness, I think I really would have melted if it hadn't!


  1. OMD Dougall, you are really developing that Scottie hunting trait by finding ways to get to your pool. Hope you don't melt, we sure would miss you.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  2. OMD! You sneaky pups you!! VERY impressed with your tenacity ~ definately your inner terrier comin' out! I question how the heck you gots that water SO dirty, dude! Also, impressive.
    Stay cool, my are WAY to cute to liquefy!


  3. Wow you 2 are smart! Wind in your beard is the best :) Don't melt, guys

  4. Bahaha, I love it!! Ingenious Dougall!! :-D They should have just let you out to enjoy the pool, their fault really! Nice fan work too, I get a little scared of the fan noises, but if it was super duper hot, I'd deal!

  5. Wow you are such a clever dog. Me and Nellie would never have thought of such ways to escape. We bow down in reverence to such a master of escape. Love Nellie and Jasper

  6. We are in awe Dougall that you figured out a way to get out and into your pool!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  7. Dougll you are one impressive Houdini. Love the pix but that one of you on your back by the fan is priceless. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Our Goldens would have never figured that out--They just can't seem to focus on anything but that treat! :-)

  9. You are sure smart to find a way to get to your pool, Dougall! We love parking ourselves in front of the fan when it's too hot for comfort too!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  10. WOW BUDDY... You Really DID want to be helpful. I am SURE that they totally appreciated the fact.

    I think your pool looks GRRRRRREAT. Just how it SHOULD after a long day of... HOT and HARD Yard Work.

  11. Dougall you just crack us up!! Hope you are keeping cool - we had a HOT, HOT week and now it is all overcast and windy...go figure.
    Wally & Sammy

  12. Don't ask me why, but I won't go into a pool at all-even when it reaches 47 in the summer. It would be unbearable if the humidity were higher than the 5% it usually is. Today is no problem, 20

  13. Dougall you are very funny and I love your determination getting out of the house. You are very clever. Did you need a bath after all that pool paddling??
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  14. You should be commended for being so resourceful, most dogs wouldn't work that hard to help out.

    We live in Michigan USA & we have tons of humidity all summer long. It's no fun for sure!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. Ha, Dougall, you are too funny and clever! Enjoy your pool!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  16. Dougall, you are so smart, that was really pawsome! I like your blue pool, I hope it keeps you nice and cool.

    Loveys Sasha

  17. Oh we hate humidity, we don't have much here. maybe we should send you cool weather and you send us warm and then we both will be happy!

    Your Pals Who Went Undercover Today with Santa's Reindeer (tomorrow's post),

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. Very Very impressive escape route. We are so sorry you are having himid hot weather. We had a rough summer here to but now we are into the best temps ever. It is perfect everyday.
    We will try and send you more cool weather

  19. We thought you were making chocolate pudding in the pool, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  20. Dougall I think your escape plan shows great ingenuity and pawsome skill - that terrier tenacity is a wonderful thing!!! Well done!!!



  21. Wow Dougall! It just shows how clever and thoughtful you are, even though you broke the window.... ;)

    Milo :)

    1. It wasn't broken, they just put the fly screen back in... :P

  22. A mud pack! Good for the skin and keeps you cooler than plain water. Are you telling me the peeps didn't appreciate?

  23. There is nothing better on a hot day than to spread yourself out before a fan. Never tried a mud pack though, might have to give it a whirl.

  24. Well look at you go!!!! "Determined" might be a wee bit of an understatement, my friend :)

  25. Ahahaha - you are a genius for finding a way out so you could help!

    Good job on mucking up that pool! :)

  26. BOL! What an escape artist you are :) That sure is some resourcefulness, Dougall! Good thing Somedoggy didn't try to follow you- or that screen wouldn't have been such an easy fix!