Friday, 18 January 2013

The Post Of Many Topics

Sorry I have been a bit absent lately guys, my typist/assistant has been busy sewing dresses for some smelly peep event that Floyd and I aren't even invited to. Not only has it been eating up our blog time, but also my snuggle and walkies time. Where are her priorities!?

AND I just found out that both of the peeps are abandoning Floyd and I, to go away for SEVEN whole days! Yes, you read correctly. They are going on a holiday and they are not taking us. Yup, we're getting left behind, being "puppysat" by Aunty Brie, while they go to the beach!

AND to make it even worse (if that is possible) they are going to miss Floyd's first barkday! Poor little Floydie is going to turn the big "1", and they won't even be here to celebrate!

I really am beginning to wonder what sort of peeps they are!

She keeps apologising, she says that when they get back we will have a special combined celebration for Floyd and I (my barkday is not long after Floyd's) . But I am not sure it will be the same for Floyd, and I am not sure I like the idea of sharing MY day with another doggy... It had better be special, that's all I can say...

While I've been away it has been hot and dry and the fire danger has not gone away. There aren't any dangerous fires burning near me, but there are still many fires burning, all over Australia. In my state the danger has moved North to near a town called Coonabarabran. Where around 40 homes have been destroyed, and thousands of hectares of beautiful national park bushland has been burned.

The nearby Siding Springs Observatory filmed the dangerous fire as it passed, barely missing the main telescope.

This is the smoke from the Coonabarabran fire seen from a plane by a pilot.

In near by state, Victoria, many homes have been destroyed, and right now a number of fires are threatening homes and an emergency warning has been issued for some towns.

What amazes me and my peep is that with all these fires that have been burning for so long now, no peeps have died, we have to thank the amazing Rural and Country Fire Services for their hard work, protecting people at great risk to themselves. They are real heroes in my eyes.

On another, lighter note, Floyd has heard all about the up coming Valentine's Day Ball, and he reckons that he'd like to come. The only problem is, he doesn't want to go alone... I mean, I know who I am going to ask, but he has no idea... So, if there are any eligible ladies out there who would be interested in going with a tall, gangly, energetic doofus boxer then Floyd is the dog for you!

His interest include running, balls, barking, walkies , destuffing and general destruction and mess making.

While we're talking dates, I have a message for Kyla from my Uncle Fergus. He says he would be happy to go the ball with you, he was super surprised you asked him (I think he thought he was a bit old for that sort of thing).

He says as long as you don't mind his scruffy beard (often full of twigs and burrs), speaking up (he's a little hard of hearing), and understand that he might need to step outside every now and then for a break from the crowd, he'd be honoured to escort you, Kyla to the ball!

Now that I have got those two sorted out, it's time for me to get organised. There is no question in my mind of who to ask... I only have eyes for one girl... The sweet, the lovely...

Jazzi... <3

So, sweet Jazzi, will you do me the honour of being my partner for the Valentine's Day Ball? Please...

I'm begging you...

So, wow, I think I will leave this epic post at that. I won't be able to post while my peep abandons her family is out of town. So I hope you all stay well and happy while I am away. I will see you in about a week's time.

Lots of lickies and wags from Dougall and Floyd.


  1. I'm glad things aren't worse for you. I'm looking forward to the ball and beards are for storing stuff plus I'll be 10 and a half then. Fergus with Cushing's and me with Addison's will make for an understanding couple. I can't wait.

    1. This is going to be the best PAWTY!! And we are so happy Uncle Fergus agreed to be your partner Kyla - you are going to have a grrreat time.

      Is Kaci coming??

      Wally & Sammy

  2. I'm glad everything is betters for you but sad to hear the fires are still going :( I cants believe your people are going away for that long!! My mummy once left me for that long, she left me with her uncle Paul, i lost all my manners and went really naughty when she gots back!!!
    Love Milo :)

    1. Ruh-roh... Our manners aren't that great now...!

  3. What is wrong with your humans? They are having a life that does not revolve around you? Did you tell them this is so wrong?

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. THIS is disturbing news... there is NO way that THEY should Be LEAVING YOU.
    Ummmmm Floyd I know TWO really PRETTY girrrrls GRETA from the Idahopugranch.blogspot.. and Mimi Roo who is one of the Slimmer Pugs... HUBBA BUBBA Buddy... TIMES TWO...

  5. I'm glad you all are safe, but just think of all the mischief you can get into while your peeps are away!!

  6. Glad you are safe and can focus on getting dates for the Valentines Ball! :D


  7. Oh Dear Dougall! You are just too precious begging for your love! We are sorry your peeps are leaving you but you know us humans need a break sometimes. I'm sure she will have plenty of guilt and bring you some wonderful treat making it all worth while. We are really, really glad you guys are far from the fires too. Have fun with the pup sitter and if you refuse to eat, maybe she will get you some fast food like Fox & Scruffy's uncle got them. You can leave lots of presents for her when she gets home.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  8. That was a scary video! I'm glad you're all safe and well - have fun while the peeps are away! :-)

    Love and licks, from Solo

  9. That's rough. All this heat and THEY'RE going to the BEACH without you AND missing a VERY IMPORTANT birthday!!!!! We're going to ring the RSPCA if you don't get a REALLY BIG Celebration!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Keep cool!

  10. Firstly we are glad the fires have past and we salute those brave fire fighters. Secondly Happy Barkday to Floyd in advance. Lastly we hope Jazzi says yes. The Ball is going to be epic. Hope the peeps have a great holiday. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. You & Floyd had better be getting extra special, huge barkday pressies after all this neglect!!

    We cannot wait to see you & Jazzi at the Ball - paws crossed she says "yes"!

    Floyd, if you can't find a date you are welcome to join "The Bachelor Brothers" i.e. me, Dalton & Ben.

    Wally & Sammy

  12. We hope your peeps come home with their suitcases full of birthday pressies for both you and Floyd, Dougall. It's only right!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  13. I would through one hell of a hissy fit if I was you!

  14. Lots of great matchmaking and we hope your peeps have a wonderful trip!

  15. Well that just sucks that you two are being left behind while they go on holiday. Tell them you have demands for when they get back like bring back lots of stuffies and treats. Glad you are safe from the fires.
    Sweet William The Scot

  16. WHAT a bummer that you get left at home!! I agree with Sweet William there BETTER be treats or else.......and you will have a blast with your little Jazz!!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  17. And oh yah, keep safe my friends!!


  18. Oh, the NERVES of your peeps leavin' you!! Wells, just thinks of all the good things they'll bring you back {hint, hint!!}
    Oh, Floydie, I would have LOVED to go with you to the Valentines Ball, butts I have already said yes to the very handsome Milo.
    I know you will be beating off the ladies with a broom soon Floyd! I mean, just look at that handsome face of yours!!
    I know you'll have a TOTAL blast at the ball with Jazzi Dougall! What a great Wheaten pair you make!

  19. Oh, Dougall, I hear you buddy - last year, there were THREE, yes, that's right, THREE holidays without me. I'm not sure that there are enough words in my barkobulary to describe my thoughts on this matter. I'm with you buddy, it's just not on.

    We have been so concerned about all those fires over there, it has been a truly horrible time for everyone concerned. Thank goodness for all those brave people, carrying on to protect others.

    As to the ball, well, Jazzi would be crazy not to say yes to your invitation and we will keep your paws crossed that Floyd finds a great date!



  20. I think you need to sneak into the suitcase! The nerve of them leaving y'all at home!


  21. Where to begin.... first, you're so right about those brave firefighters. Where would we be without them? I hope those fires get doused real soon.

    Next, I'll celebrate your BARKDAYS for you!!! Yes I will!

    Lastly, how did I miss the Valentine's Day ball???

    Guess I'll go stag.

    Aroooo! Stu