Saturday, 9 March 2013

Enough is Enough!!

Last night my peep walked into the lounge room to find a string of her beads had been pulled apart...

It seems that dastardly Somedoddy not only snuck in while she was making a cup of tea and chewed her necklace, but they also planted my furs among the beads!

He is SO evil. Making innocent little me look naughty...

Floyd and I are getting REALLY sick of Somedoggy. Coming in and making good dogs look bad. I say enough is enough!

I'm starting a campaign to hunt down some doggy. Who's with me?!

If you too are sick of Somedoggy getting you into trouble, post the pic below on your blog, with a story of a time when Somedoggy got you into trouble. I'll collect all the stories any maybe we can help the Blogville Police finally catch this villain!


  1. We're assuming something here. Perhaps it was Somekitty or even more likely Somesquirrel.

  2. I am totally with you on this Dougall. I have had that evil culprit at my house many times. Just yesterday he/she had the nerve to leave a poop in the dining room and I got blamed. We must figure out an end to this.

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Me and Nellie know all about this doggie. He comes and visits Us as well. We will get mummy to find out some of the times that he visited Us and We will let you know. Love Jasper and Nellie that two bestest maremmas in all the land.

  4. Actually, we're sort of glad Somedoggy has moved into your 'hood. We don't need anydoggy getting us in trouble.

    Foley is going to be busy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. We will have to think up one Dougall. We know though that it ain't somedoggy it is those pesky squirrels. LOL! Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. We think it must be the Somecatty, they're very sneaky you know

  7. Oh Dougall, this is SUCH a good idea. I'm very impressed with your dog-tective instincts here - honestly, that Some Doggy is one bad critter. He has planted evidence against me a number of times and I do believe, once or twice, back in Ireland he impersonated me to chase after a fox, a few hares and some sheep. Any help I can give, let me know. I'll be your 2IC on this and I'm sure we can track him down.



  8. OMD Dougall and Floyd... WE so agree... THIS MUST END. We are not SURE who the culprit is butt they need to be STOPPED. So many of our furends are being accused of CRIMES and being PUNISHED in hideous ways.

    WE are WITH YOU!!! SomeDOGGY or SomeKITTY or SOME SQUIRREL needs to be stopped. It is an EVIL VILE VICIOUS Plot against US.

  9. OK Guys, Bites is going to get Sarge and the gang together here, Hes calling Interpol that world wide search for somedoggy has begun for the most wanted #1 enemy! This is out of Hand.

    Your Pal
    Officer Bites

  10. Oh oh ...some doggy is at it again. Maybe a poop check will be needed....maybe some doggy ate some of those beads....incriminating but stinky evidence for sure

  11. That somedoggy... how could they incriminate you? A travesty. You and Floyd are victims of that somedoggy. Victims!!
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  12. Had to be Somedoggy. He is really making trouble for you innocent pups lately!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  13. There is definitely somepup sneaking into your house and doing all those naughty things :)
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  14. I AM WITH YOU!! OMD! This is such a good idea guys!! You have no idea how many times I was NOT at fault for these dastardly deeds happenin' on my estate...yets I gets the blame!!
    Let's put a bounty on it's head!!

  15. Damn Somedoggy! Momma put up an electric fence with barbed wire so we can keep him out. Funny how that hasn't worked really... :)

  16. I hope you catch that 'Some doggy!' There should be a reward for his capture! He's broken into our house too, and it's amazing what he can do to make one of the other pups look guilty!

  17. MOL Dougall we will have to give this some thought.. Hugs Madi your BFFF aka some doggie

  18. We are backing you all the way, Dougall!
    Somedoggy eats carpet in our house, steals the cat's food, chews slippers and leaves MY HAIR lying around the evidence everywhere!
    I must do something about this...
    Pippa :) wuf

  19. I am so glad that you are on the hunt. Let me tell you, that dastardly dog has definitely been in my hood in California. I have heard he has white hairs like me and a dark button nose. Go get 'em!!

  20. We are shocked that Somedoggy would blame you of all dogs! I can't believe the nerve of him/her!

    By the way, your caption was the winning caption today for this weekend's Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest! What a funny caption that was! Loved it! Congrats and thanks for pawticipating!

  21. Well, I never get blamed for anything around here so I don't have a story to write about but I can't wait to see everyone elses story's.
    What My Vickie?
    You say someone ate your sandwhich.....
    How dastardly....who could have done it?

    I am off to find out the culprit and report it back to my Vickie

    Whoops back away averyone I feel a ham and cheese stinky comin out by back end.


  22. I hopes you gather enough evidence to get this somedoggy stopped for good!!
    Love Milo :)

  23. OO i think this is the dog that framed my pal rumpy!