Sunday, 23 June 2013

Silly Sunday

This was going to be a "Silent Sunday" post, but the peep suggested that I might need to explain what was going on in the pictures...

On Thursday night, the peeps abandoned us went to her parents' house for dinner and left Floyd and I home alone. Not long after they left Floyd thought it would be a good idea to take his bed outside. I tried to talk him out of it, but once he sets his boxer brain on something, he has to do it...

This is how the peeps found us when they finally got home...

Yep, Floyd got the bed stuck in the door... While we were outside... We had to spend the whole time the peeps were gone OUTSIDE.... And, may I remind you, it is WINTER here....

Now, Floyd isn't the only silly one around here... Just check out this one of the peep and I...

It was breakfast time, I was aroooOOOOooooing at her to get her off her bum remind her, she thought it would be funny to aroooOOOOoooo back at me... She thought she was REALLY funny...........

The things I put up with...


  1. I'm sorry, but I had to chuckle!! But tell Floyd that I have personally had a few ideas like that that went wrong too--Glad it was "only" cold outside, and not anything like rain or snow.

  2. Looks like you two are enjoying a joke!

    We think Floyd got the worst of His great idea. Because he's only got a short coat and yours is warmer! Hope he learns from his mistake. Of course, you should never have been abandoned anyway...just our opinion.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Floyd you are a WILD MAN... and you are ERNIE's HERO. Just sayin.

  4. Oh Floyd you are to much
    Benny & Lily

  5. That is funny. You should have tried a bit harder to talk Floyd out of it BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

  6. Howdy Dougall and Floydie. Boys you crack us up. Maybe your mum should make you a bed outside too!! We know what you mean about the cold. It's been bloomin' freezing here too. Keep warm mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. Have to say living with Floyd can't be dull!

  8. You boys know how to do things right over there, uh, sort of... At least you have a good story to tell! PS - I love the peep's Scottie pajamas!
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  9. I know, I know, what are we to do sometimes. My peep has never AROOO-ed back at me, but now she is saying that sounds like a good idea. Oy vey!

  10. Floyd, you crazy boxer! Hope you weren't too cold.
    Aww, that photo of you and your peep is just gorgeous!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  11. We hope Floyd learned his lesson!
    We just love that picture of you and your peep, Dougall!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  12. BOL!!! BOL!!! OMD! I am ROTHFMAO over heres!! Floydie, now there is no way that 'I' would do somethin' like that (cause I don't HAVE a doggie door), butts I most certainly would thinks about it!!! (I'm sure it was a pawsome idea in your heads!! hehehe) Somehow, I figured Dougall would be inside laughin' at your outside....that'll teach him!! BOL
    Dougall, that is one FABulous pic of you and your peep!! They do think they are soooo funnies, don't they?!
    Ruby ♥

  13. Oh, dear! I am sorry if you were freezing your paws off but getting the bed stuck in the door is toooooo funny!

  14. BOL! You boys .... what are you like!