Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In the wars...

So, looks like we've all be in the wars in our house...

First Floyd broke his dew claw.

Then I got an ear infection.

Now She has an owie on her eye.

Now, before you read any further. You must know what happened was a complete ACCIDENT.

He really didn't mean it. He would never hurt her intentionally. He loves her.

See, what happened was. She was sitting on the floor, playing with me (which Floyd HATES). So, he was giving her the cold shoulder, standing in the doorway, facing away from us. She noticed and thought it would be funny to tickle Floyd's foot.

Well, Floyd says what happened next was just reflexes, that he had no control... He kicked his leg backwards and WHHAAAM got her right in the eye.

She had ice on it the whole day afterwards. She was so worried it would go black, it hurt so much. And she was starting her job in a couple of days time, how embarrassing starting at a new school with a black-eye! Thankfully it didn't, it was just a little red sore... Whew!


I'd like to thank everypawdy for the advice regarding my ear infections. You have all been SO helpful! The allergy idea makes a lot of sense. Us Scotties are known for getting allergies, so the peeps are really keen to change me to a raw food diet (which sounds GREAT to me) as soon as they get a bigger freezer. We're also going to ask the dogtor about medicine for allergies too.

So... again a great big THANK YOU!!!!


  1. I have grain free dog food which is a dry dog food and I just love it. You might want to see if grain free dry dog food is good for allergy's in dogs.

  2. Today on the NEWS HERE... they were talking about Allergies and Stuffs and they said that it is good to use BABY WIPES... several times a day... If you have those thingys where you live, you might ask your mom to get some and wipe around your ears . That is Hot off the Presses info..
    OH MY DOG.... FLOYDIE's FOOT did THAT.. he must have been practicing his after the poops Kick Backs.. to do a job like THAT... WOW.
    No Worries.... we understand about TICKLES and REFLEXES.

  3. the dreaded dew claws...have seen many of those ripped out over time. Hope the eye gets better :)

  4. Poor Floydie. Bet he felt very bad about that ouchie. We hope all of you are back to fighting fit now.

    Daisy used to have allergies (we think). She was shaking her ears and scratching, so we switched to a GRAIN FREE kibble....VERY expensive as we had it sent from Sydney (CANIDAE) and now we're on BLACK HAWK (made in Australia), still expensive, but good.

    XXXOOO Bella &Roxy

  5. OK, now it is time for everybody to be healthy!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. The Arizona Cardinals could use Floyd to kick field goals.

  7. We hope you all heal and feel better soon. And we know it was an accident Floyd so don't worry

  8. Wow you guys really have been in the wars - hope you are all feeling better soon!

  9. Oh no and ouch. We hope you are all better soon. LOL they say things come in threes. Sending healing vibes and POTP to you all. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Oh my goodness. Who will be the acting nurse?
    Lily & Edward

  11. Ouch! You guys need some piggy loving and it's on its way.

  12. Oooops....well, it WAS her fault, right?! If you're anythings like me Floyd, you do NOT likes your paws touched and if anyone does, they gets what they deserve!! BOL
    Okays, seriously, sorry abouts your Moms eye, it doesn't look that bad really. Probably cause she kept ice on it. Good Call!
    It sounds like you're on the right track abouts your ears! YEA! Paws crossed over here!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Floydie, if you wants to come over here, I send the transport tunnel and we can play!

  13. Crikey .... I'm no expert but that sure looks like a black eye to me!!

  14. OMD - you three need to be in bubble wrap for awhile. My peep makes my food and mixes some crunchy salmon based food (no grain) with it. I get brown rice, shredded chicken, vegetarian refried beans, and veggies. I hope you all feel better super soon!

  15. Sorry for you all - the eye was a close call! Hope you get better soon. Laddie bit the Food Lady on the hand today too and she was cross, but it was also an accident as he was trying to get his shoe away from her.

  16. We hope that your mom is not like our mom. he gets black and blue days later. We hope she likes her new job.