All about Dougall

Arroooo! My name is Dougall! This blog is all about me (sometimes Floyd) but mostly me!

Sometimes people think I’m a Westie, because of my colour, but I’m not, I’m wheaten coloured Scottish Terrier.

I am a pretty easy going little fella, my favourite things are squeaky balls, my green square with the frog face, playing zoomies and bitey-face with Floyd and having snuggles with my human (while trying to eat her hair).

When I get really into playing with my toys I like to lie on my side and bat at them with my paws…

I also like watching TV; I’m not picky about what’s on, as long as it moves around a lot to keep my attention. The noises the TV makes are pretty good too, like door bells chimes and people noises (they’re fun to bark at!)

I came from a pretty little town named Bowral in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. I was breed by a registered breeder, whose kennel is called Great Scott. The humans found me by contacting the Scottish Terrier Cub of NSW.

Even though I’m a couple of days younger than Floyd, I'm the handsomest one and therefore the star!

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  1. You're life sounds very interesting! I love the photograph of you and the telly! Oh, and I didn't realise that you're not a westie!