All about Floyd

Hi my name is Floyd. Sometime people call me Floydie, or Mr Floyd. Floyd isn’t my full name though. My full name is Pink Nosed Floyd, you know, sort of like that band that was big in the 70s (my nose used to be more pink than it is now).

I’m a boxer dog. I like chewing and running and jumping and sleeping and I really, really, really like my heater. I could sit in front of it all day and all night if the humans would let me!

I came from a town in New South Wales called Cootamundra, when my humans picked me up I was very little and skinny and I had flees… But they loved me and fed me good food and cleaned me up and now I am a healthy happy, friendly boy.

I’m 8 days older than Dougall, so that makes me the bigger brother, and the boss! (Could you try and tell Dougall that, please?)


  1. Heehee! You are definitely the big brother! I can see the picture of you and Dougall on the oscars law picture!